Monthly Archives: November 2009

Exercise the demons

Never underestimate the importance of exercise and sport in maintaining a healthy body, mind and soul. Studies have shown that regular exercise can have the same effect on depression, anxiety and other mental health issues as anti-depressants. Tiger Woods is currently in Australia for the Australian Masters Golf Tour. Golf is a particularly excellent sport as it...
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Bruce Psychology: The Clinical Practice

I'll be posting articles and audio-visual recordings up here regularly on whatever I feel inspired to write about and present on. I'll also present the work of others that I find interesting and constructive. I hope it helps you in some way. If you have anything you would like to add, or any questions you'd...
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Dealing with Trauma

Trauma is the experience of an overwhelmingly stressful event. The event disrupts a person's ability to effectively engage in their life as they once did and they become haunted by the trauma, stuck in that time. Usually, a traumatic experience involves a threat to one's life or a threat to a loved one's life. Being close to...
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