2012: Currents of change – a brief synopsis on the times that are already here

2012: Currents of change – a brief synopsis on the times that are already here

2012 is set to be a year of extreme change - but not necessarily what you'd expect. Often what happens on the outside is a symbolic representation of what is happening on the inside. A transformation of human consciousness is represented and facilitated by change and conflict in our systems of economics and geo-politics.

I was quite awe struck by the following information in the recent ‘Future Edition’ of the Arlington Institute:

‘See how residents of America's most famously down and out city are building livelihoods that also rebuild their communities. Among other projects, there are now over 1,600 farms and gardens in Detroit, producing over 3 tons of food annually, nurturing a new education paradigm, and creating social enterprises that build community and capital. When pieced together, these projects aren't merely aimed at figuring out ways for people to make a living. The city is becoming a place, in certain pockets, where citizenship isn't defined by voting and paying taxes. It's thought of more broadly - creative collaboration to create new ways of living out of necessity.’

Detroit has changed drastically, since General Motors and many other companies have closed and laid off a lot of workers due to the global financial crisis (referred to as the GFC). Many industries had grown obsolete, fat and lazy and were not prepared for the GFC; in fact they helped create it.  Because of extreme and blatant corruption and conspiracy even common folk are delving deeper into why and how this has happened, and disturbing answers are making themselves known, facilitated all the while by the internet. Even after many large banks and other corporations were protected by the massive bailouts, the executives in charge often squandered the cash or distributed it anonymously, and/ or continued to ‘outsource employment’ to China. This is an unsustainable model which destroys purchasing powers of domestic consumers after they become unemployed (who will buy cars and other products after the Chinese manufacture it and local people/ workers of an importing economy are homeless and can barely afford a bus ticket let alone a car?!). The bailouts (an Orwellian term) involved the Federal Reserve Bank (not really a bank and not federal) simply printing out of thin air and distributing ‘funny money’ or debt-based fiat currency (not tethered to real value e.g. Gold and silver) to inflate the USA and world out of the crisis. I don’t think it’s working.

I predict that the GFC will culminate in the collapse of the global economy. When this does occur, there may be risk of corporate take-over of sovereign government as representatives of the people. That is, the GFC can be deemed a 'ruse' to extract power from elected governments; a set-up to 'prove' that people are incapable of governing themselves and need an 'overarching power' to take care of them (control them). If it is the case that elite people and groups who own vast proportions of wealth are fundamentally greedy and even sociopathic (having no real understanding, empathy, compassion or appreciation for other people), then they may seek greater power by attaining greater control. As Plato said: 'absolute power corrupts absolutely'. This means: no matter what I have, it is never enough. Especially in America you will see a ‘ground zero’ of this collapse. My sources say this will happen in 2012, probably to a major extent in the first quarter. I expect that this effect will be delayed/ reduced in the Australian economy and community because we are more aligned with Chinese demands for our raw mineral / oil and gas exports and I think that we are naturally more socialistic than places like America. However: China makes most of its money by exporting to US consumers, who will soon be unable to import said ‘cheap products’ when their economy and US dollar collapses (said product will become, relatively, too expensive and the Chinese yuan will seize pole position as world currency)…. So you get the globalized interconnected and inevitable picture. Unless western countries can find alternative methods and markets - how can we compete under collapse?

I don’t see an apocalypse in the popular idea of the term or of the Christian version, where man will destroy himself and ‘brother will turn on brother, sister on sister’, rather, I see that people will come together in community. The original Greek origin of ‘apocalypse’ is ‘lifting of the veil’, in other words, disclosure of truth (thanks to Robert Kiyosaki pointing this out in his book ‘Rich Dad’s: Conspiracy of the Rich, the 8 new rules of money’). Also, ‘Armageddon’ means ‘to shout forth from mountain top’, so I also think that after this awareness raising exercise of throwing off the corrupt government tyranny and corporate veil, the truth of all things will be made known to all of us in a time of quickening. We thrive when we take out the thorn, the cancer, the corruption. Deceit under power of force under the guise of statism and corporatism is what has sickened us and kept us all divided.

The term 'statism' refers to a government being in charge of the people via the image of preserving a 'state' for which the residents of that state (plebs) nationalistically align via socialization and programming or a kind of mass-hypnosis and fear of 'standing out', believe in and defend that state. This has created just as much war as has belief in religion. We end up killing people who have differences in their beliefs or who come from different countries with different statism models. How ridiculous. Additionally,'corporatism' refers to the privileging of corporations (mega-business) over true market-based economics, efficiency, fairness and small and medium business gets short-changed because we lack the money to lobby and fund propaganda or sponsoring of advertising and elections. In short: corporatism is the greatest corruption of the mighty over the disempowered 'masses'. It is today's version of the old 'aristocracy' where great disproportion of resources and oppression of the subordinates (today's employees and common folk are yesterday's serfdom) led to the revolutions of yesteryear. Control of the media, the guise of democracy, bureacratic control and 'infringements for almost everything we say and do' as well as political correctness, or a censorship of free speech and opinion, keeps us all 'in our place' and controlled.

However, the truth, which ultimately can not be suppressed indefinitely, is simply that we are all interconnected beings, and connected with everything on the planet and universe, physically, mentally and spiritually. As David Icke said (words at least to the effect) ‘we are all consciousness, wandering around in space suits (bodies) which seem apparently separate’.

So we see in Detroit, as per the above news report, once the so-called ‘government’ and corporations leave people alone to their own devices that a natural ordering of energy develops. Systems of community, sustainable living, economics and technology start to emerge quite dramatically and very differently to the old shackled version of power wielded from above, where powerful elite act like tape worm within an otherwise beauteously self-correcting torus field (as expounded upon by Foster Gamble in his documentary ‘Thrive’). The problem for the corporates and governments is that this power is essentially parasitic and can risk destroying the ‘host’ if it becomes greedy and sucks too much blood out of the very system it parasitically depends upon. The corporates and government are not fostering real competitive business, even; they are promoting self-serving inefficiency, so even their own self-confessed ‘neo-liberalism’ is defaced and defied. Additionally it is too expensive to retain power and control and the people / systems one is holding power over have to be ‘worth it’. If we are not producing cash, we are simply ‘not worth it’. The people in Detroit are obviously not ‘worth it’ especially for a corrupt government over-extended in war, profound debt, and focused almost exclusively on obsequious pleasing of corrupt meddling elite interest groups, and global corporatism (not capitalism, per se, an important yet oft equivocated difference). The founding father (of free world economics and society) Adam Smith (in the late 1700’s) wrote about the invisible hand of the self-correcting and competitive market in his book ‘The Wealth of Nations’. He was NOT talking about corrupt corporatism which rigs the game and stacks the deck and thus destroys their ‘magical market hand’ with price fixing and destruction of proper competition.  Make not mistake that the major banks, central banks, insurance companies and major corporations backed by powerful elite families have basically stolen all the money. Hundreds of trillions of dollars, that is. I loath the fact that so called ‘business men’ in the modern age and governments accordingly acting ‘in their pockets’ continue to recklessly equivocate and confuse proper business freedoms and capitalism with government sponsored corporatism (involving protection and bailing out of the rich, huge, obsolete and lazy and abandonment of the young, free, small and efficient) – what a strange blend of communist business, put simply and basically – a rose by any other name…. The ‘state’ has basically ‘gone too far’ where it has excluded real people in favour of corporations and the mega-elite, all of which, typically, have sub-optimal ethics and little creative imagination. They are basically ‘boring’ and not worth the effort (from us ‘plebs’ who have the real spirit and life force worth caring about) anymore.

The state has thus backed the wrong horse and has in so doing made itself redundant by separating itself from the true electorate: the real and common people. The reason for this is that unsustainable systems, especially in this coming age of truth, on top of the contemporary information age, are exposed and eat themselves out of existence, much like a morbidly obese person dies prematurely through eating too many nutrients, or a garden dies through over-fertilizing. Whilst they might own everything, they don’t have the capacity or market demand for everything and are abandoned by or turned upon by the desperate masses, massive in their number, reckless in their caliber, creative in their situation of need, and righteous in their (our) intentions. At the end of the day, we all naturally ‘rage against the dying of the light’ and hopefully ‘rage against the machine’, whilst the universe, and nature, it would seem helps us out, because it is an interconnected system based on efficiency naturally, and that means a natural selection and favouring of ‘earth worms’ like you and I, not fatcats who steal everything in their opulent greed, pride and delusion. We also help one another by necessity, and perish in separateness, so balanced, caring community naturally thrives over lawlessness and gangs, as the latter (futuristic Mad Max style) is simply unsustainable. So the truth literally sets us free as a natural mechanism.

Don’t be afraid of the coming changes in the world in 2012, whether it be GFC, war or consciousness related – do what you feel inspired and intuitively driven to do, but don’t fear. Rather, be bold and courageous and light the candle flame for others to follow your own luminosity as you will follow the lights you see on your own journey. Together we can and will make all the difference we need.

My major advice is: Remember who you are.


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