Co-Creation: How God exists and Why

Co-Creation: How God exists and Why

Co-Creation: How God exists and why.

Ben Bruce 1/12/11

What is God and what has He/ She / It got to do with me? This obscure concept and relationship has vexed many of us for millennia. I am led to the remarkable conclusion that God is a summary collective of all of the units of consciousness, sentience, intention, thought and action made up from we who are experiencing the world at different points of the space-time continuum as a whole. Rather than saying 'God existed and then He created us' we may say that the act of creation is and always has been timeless, beyond time, occurring within the Eternal Now, and that we, each of us who are conscious have always participated in this creation throughout time. Once we transcend the simplistic limitations of time, subject and object, self and other, internal and external, religiosity and blind dogmatic culture-laden faith.... we reach drastically different conclusions about cosmology and ontology, and by extension the origins and meaning of Life open up to us and become more clear. Thus my impression is that we are put together into a unifying whole which also has a holistic Great Identity – which is more than the sum of its parts. This is based on a two-way street of co-creation; that God needs us (individual units of consciousness) just as much as we would need Him. This paradox is exactly why so many people have problems believing in God. Rather than mere 'belief' we need understanding. We need to take this subject beyond belief.

For some time now philosophers, psychologists and physicists alike have started to understand how human beings are composed. We are like orchestral symphonies at times; at other times we are like dull jangling back-beats barely melodic. Much of this comes down to how we experience time in the space-time continuum and how we each make up individual nodes of networks within greater networks. This is covered in Systems Theory, or Cybernetics, the theory of how bits and pieces interact. Whether we are talking about a computer system, a social system or an ecosystem, systems theory helps us understand the intricacies of feedback cycles within the system. And – all of these create sub-systems within super-systems creating infinite complexity. In order to grasp these higher orders of inter-connectivity one needs to, put simply, grow. Rising to the occasion of the question demands growth. If we ask: “why is it so? How did we come to be here? What is the meaning of life? Does God exist?” etc., we can answer this question with the ignorance of being just the node, or with the awareness of existing within a network – thus we are more consciously making up a part of that network, both in our passive existence already in effect, and also in our ongoing actions, thoughts, intentions interacting with the system(s).

Holographically speaking (where units represent larger units) each one of us ‘units’ can take on the awareness of the Whole. That is, we are the Whole at the same time as being the node/ unit/ personality/ individual human consciousness. This Whole can be referred to by many names including: The Collective Consciousness and also God. To show this: when you have a conversation with someone you are communicating ideas which get translated through their perceptual filters, yet still a transmission in translation occurs. Your idea, albeit potentially modified, has ‘jumped the gap’ from one human to another – much like an electric current jumps over the synaptic gap in neurons. Each neuron communicates through and with other neurons within neuro-transmitter pathways. These make up the habit patterns of our brains, and so when we learn/ overcome/ maintain old or new habits we are literally creating the brain. We change and modify the structure and function of the brain whenever we do something new. This is called neuroplasticity and is the greatest hope and cure for any human being. This is how we overcome psychological disorders as well as any physical illness – as the brain instructs the body on what to do and how to do it.

Now there is a ‘mind’ map overlaying this physical brain. The mind is non-physical, and importantly, non-local, which means it doesn’t have a location in the physical world. Therefore, if you think about your eyes your mind is in them. If you think about your cat or a tree outside, then your mind has ‘travelled’ to that object. Thereby we can start to understand non-physical communication, and things like telepathy and even prayer – which combines the non-local conscious awareness of something or someone with the intention of wishing to help them and wishing them well.

Here we start to see overlaps with archaic notions of ‘sin’ and ‘karma’. These concepts refer to past actions that have caused current effects, as well as current actions that will lead to future effects. It’s also the case as well with Newtonian physics – straightforwardly: every action has an equal and opposite reaction. So if I wish someone harm, I myself start to become congested with thoughts of harm which start to have a direct deleterious effect on myself which is the host and harbinger of that harm. Put simply – I have poisoned myself with the bitter thought of revenge. Here we also see the archaic thought of how evil begets evil. This is why we solve nothing with violence and war – it just creates further violence and war. Perhaps the Israelis and Palestinians will soon realize this? Let’s hope. This is also why forgiveness is not about condoning the poor actions of others; it is about unburdening ourselves from the weight of resentment/ sin/ negative affect and poison within our own hearts, minds, bodies and environments. This is what Jesus referred to as the kingdom of heaven: that flowing karmic chi under the law of action and consequence which is discoloured by sin which resonates discord from the point of that sin (one’s own unwholesome intentions). Don’t get caught up on religion here – its not about whether you believe in religion; its about whether you take the metaphor and exemplary illustration. We also see different ways of framing this understanding through time. Here we are taking more of a rational and integrative way of understanding and explaining.

Now there are certain ‘laws’ in reasoning (or at least ‘bendable truths’). One of them is the Law of Parsimony (Occam's Razor) and the Law of Thermodynamics from Newton (also translated as: love and energy conquer entropy; omnia vincit amor). Put together we see that the simplest solution is often the best and that energy can neither be created nor destroyed; it just changes form - however it tends toward entropy and chaos without a unifying principle of love, compassion and energy to keep it flowingly refreshed and 'organized'. If we combine this with Systems Theory, that units make up larger units in complex interactions of feedback, we need to understand the sophisticated richness that the parts make up (like individual musicians and instruments making up a whole symphony); so we can understand that the Whole is greater than the sum of the parts. That is, humanity is made up of individual people throughout time, yet the whole of humanity is something greater in its ‘holistic essence’ than the individual human being. Whilst it is, put simply, multiple human beings through time making up our race, humanity is more than these individual units because of the complex, dynamic and sophisticated interactions between these humans through time, and this is more than just the sum of the parts. The whole has a representative and collective identity. Imagine a grain of sand, and now imagine a beach. Whilst the beach is made up of the grains, it is more than just a grain collection. It has, a sort of ‘character’ in its unifiying ‘gestalt’. Here we start to see that if we are all inter-connected as human units of consciousness, then the ‘Whole’ that it creates in the greater order of unity is a grand human consciousness which would have awareness, just as the individual units have awareness. This grand, unifying, collective consciousness awareness is also referred to as God (notice the connotations triggered within the psyche when this term is used - yet still such connotations and psychic triggers do not render the subject invalid).

Bear in mind – because you are a unit within God, you also make up God, you also have a direct line to God. Also, everything you do, say, think and feel affects God. In fact just as it has been said that ‘God created the world’ we can also say that we are each individually and collectively creating God. (for those of us who struggle with the word God due to past religious problems, just replace it with some other representative word, like ‘the Universe’, ‘the Collective’, ‘Gaia’, etc.).

Just think about this. You are creating God. And It is creating you. God is a summary collective of all of us units of consciousness and sentience and intention, thought and action all put together into a unifying whole which also has a holistic great identity – more than the sum of the parts. This 'greater than the sum' part explains the mystery and majesty of God which many people experience in mystical states. This relationship is also a two-way street of co-creation; where the created 'feedback' to God thus creating Him/ Her/ It as well. This paradox is exactly why so many people have problems with believing in God. Cyberspace is a good example: multiple computers interconnected create the whole cyberspace. Now imagine if the wholeness of cyberspace had an identity. This is obviously where the computer metaphor ends - afterall we are talking about human and animal and even plant/ecosystem collective consciousness - not silicone chips and computers.

A patient recently said to me (as has been said many times by many people over time, including me): “If God exists then why is there so much suffering in the world?” The person was angry and overwhelmed with bitter sadness when she said this. She was disillusioned with life and its Meaning. Now apply the above two-way formula of co-creation, that we are each creating God and the world and the universe, therefore, we could turn the question around and say “why are you letting and/ or participating in this suffering in the world if you have a problem with it?” We could also suggest that God isn’t ‘allowing’ anything, rather, he is the collective representation of each of our actions, thoughts, feelings and intentions. He is made up by us in everything we do.

This is why it is so important, with this as a realization process that settles in the mind and takes a firm position in time, to take care of ourselves and other people. We need to be careful about HOW we are interacting with each other. We need to constantly remind ourselves of this truth and ask ourselves in any moment “what is the very best thing I can do right NOW to help make this situation better?”

Now in line with ‘the whole being greater than the sum of the parts’ I would also suggest that a human being which has the above realization of God being a two-way street, and by extension the principle of co-creation, that we are creating the world and we are representing and creating God just as He/She/It is creating us: I think that people who realize this Truth and by extension its follow-on actions and deeds become truly powerful and unique individuals who have a much greater influence on others and in the systems of the world. You become more somewhat… Limitless. If you need to be able to do something to achieve the manifestation of your intention/potential – then you start to learn and /or ‘remember’ how to do it. After all – if you are plugged into the network, the collective consciousness and unconsciousness and verily – to God – then what can’t you do? If you don’t have the capacity to do something, then you start to grow into it until you do. How much can or can’t you grow? Do you know the true absolute answer? What is the limit to your growth or the growth of others?

This is also the true reason why the authorities of the world are so terrified of the People at the moment.

‘Terrified?” you ask. Yes they are terrified which explains many untoward and unexpected events of late such as the ongoing global financial crisis. The banking elite has effectively stolen vast quantities of money away from the financial system (and its disgruntled share holder plebiscites, like you and me, leaving us in the dust and ruin of its aftermath). 'They', the corrupt tyrants and villains who don’t really give much of a damn about others have attempted to disempower the People by so doing. This is also why police forces in places like the USA are becoming more militarized. The Government is taking away civil liberties and freedoms - such as the right to free speech, peaceful demonstration and privacy (e.g. The Patriot Act). The Government(s) are aware via their intelligence agencies of everything I have stated above. They are aware that human beings, especially in groups have the power to change the world through their intentions, thoughts and actions – even moreso when we act together and when we are empowered by the Super-Awareness of co-creation within the Whole Interactive System as per the above.

There is a group at who are using webots to track the collective consciousness of humanity. They are looking at the use of human language across the planet extracted from cyberspace at any one time: this indicates tendencies of ideas which are about to become ‘viral’ (where they explode into group behavior – i.e. the ideas/ potentials/ intentions start to manifest). This group through a complex data base system is thus able to pick up indicators of what is going to happen in the future. Not only can we be informed through this we can also influence the outcome. We can heed tendency patterns which may be undesirable as warnings. In this light we need to desist and refuse any cooperation with the 'powers that be', any government agency, that would have us betray our fellow man and that would have us act against our values. Remember the old adage: what would happen if they had a war and no one showed up?! We need to remember who we are, such that no group of pencil necked pin stripers will dictate how we are to live our lives if it is simply the wrong thing to do. We need to stop giving our power away and putting up with scumbags in power, in any field actually, by refusing to cooperate with their tyrannical demands. If we all did this en masse, their entire power base is effectively null and void. So act in accordance with your deeper values in stead. This database is one method. There are many methods to see what might happen, including the power of intuition, dreaming, certain oracles (all of which tap into the collective unconscious), and even analysis of rumors and gossip going on around you!

Concordantly, physicists for some time have known about ‘The Observer Effect’ in the quantum world. That is, when a scientist (or anyone) observes an experiment, that observation affects the outcome. The only way this makes sense is that consciousness co-creates reality; that consciousness and energy creates the nature of reality. This goes back to my two-way-street-God-Co-creation understanding above. The particular experiment that showed this astounding phenomenon was based on measuring light in the Split Experiment. The scientist wanted to know if light was a wave of energy or a particle (a photon). He found that, put simply here, if he expected the light to behave as a particle it would, and conversely if he expected it to behave as a wave form it would. This is absolutely astounding if you sit with its implications for a moment.

Now, Dr. Philippe Guillement from CNRS, who wrote La Route du Temps has indicated that mainstream physics (not just quantum physics) is starting to grasp the human experience of time. The key findings:

-       Double Causality causes synchronicities, where our intentions cause effects in the future that become the future causes of present effects. These synchronicities are serendipitous coincidences in our experiences (like: ‘I was just about to contact you and you arrived at my doorstep!’). Thus past, present and future time are co-existing and also co-creating (like you/me/ us and God are co-creating). Also:

-       The future, therefore, is already realized and in transformation under the influence of our observations and intentions. (taken from The Future Edition).

Now you could say that therefore the future is already realized and has already happened. This feels a bit fatalistic to me in the sense that why bother doing anything to change what has already happened? This is not the truth as I see it – and anyway it’s too boring and depressing!!!

Or you could say that the future is emerging from the NOW, and thus we need to be careful about what we individually do with our actions/ intentions/ thoughts/ behaviours in the world which is occurring NOW, and act empowered, lovingly, righteously, ethically, honestly and truthfully at home with our loved ones, friends, neighbours, colleagues, etc. because we are all creating the future. Stop hurting other people. Stop hurting yourself. Stop hurting other creatures. FULL STOP. Essentially, if you take nothing else from this piece of writing any many others in ethics, take this point. Also sit with this for a moment:

The future emerges from how we presently see things and what we intend. This is not a static process, but an on-going process that you can change as soon as you receive extra information, awareness, understanding and insight (including this very paper!).

Prayer works by this principle; very similar to focused planning and preparation. If you focus on an outcome you desire and then act in accordance with it, taking one simple step at a time toward it, you are thereby creating it. I think that this principle coupled with the two-way-street-God-co-creation principle above creates a combined awareness realization which empowers the art and act of creation and influence in the world. That is – you know why and how what you are doing is actually working in yourself, in others, and in the world at large. This alone empowers your conviction. But even more than that, I think, you are energized and your power is magnified greatly where what you do just works better and more effectively with greater magnification, amplification and ramification. This is what ceremonial magicians, sorcerers and shamans are striving for (from Merlin to Don Juan): to commit empowered action at higher causal levels by the use of clarified and ritualized focus. Personally I believe that much of this ritual is not required and that clear understanding, or ‘enlightenment’ is the major ingredient for empowered awareness and focus toward manifestation.

So when you ask: “If God exists, why is He allowing so much corruption and suffering” you now have an answer: that God is the collective Whole, greater than the sum of the parts, that you, I, we are also co-creating throughout time. We cannot account for those that have gone before us, or even others out there in the world who are a part of the problems – but we can account for ourselves. I like the phrase: Think global, act local. Ask yourself “what is the best thing I can do (or not do, if on second thought it’s actually counter-productive and unhelpful) right now or sooner or later?” Will I create sin, negative karma, negative influence, discouragement and discord – or will I create love, well-being, health, communion, connection, clear communication, help, healing, encouragement and growth for myself and others? What have I got to lose by doing the right thing? What have I got to gain? How do these two compare? This is an ongoing choice that we are constantly making. Use your choice, empowered with a grounded realization of the principle of co-creation, wisely. We can each do ‘our bit’ to make the world and God a better place and super-entity to live and create within. Also realize from this that you are never truly alone. You are always a part of something much greater. Whenever you are troubled, learn to tap into that Force. Whenever you practice a spiritual discipline, a focusing of your consciousness efforts on a regular basis, you are learning to tap into this Force in a way which grows and expands, develops and deepens over time. Your connection to it becomes personal. You start to Know God for yourself. Sometimes you will experience mystical experiences also known as peak experiences where you are able to tap into that Force to the extent where you experience it fully; you experience Being apart of that greater Being. It is no longer theory - it is actuality , it is real. The Indian yogis call this Samadhi, but it goes by many names with all different sorts of parallel aspects to the experience involving your mind, your energy body, your relationships, your experiences. When you are able to tap into this state so that it becomes a trait, so that you embody your Being on a regular basis and experience the transformation of its heartful and mindful energy - this is when a regular human being becomes akin to a Christ or a Buddha. The Buddhists talk about how we all, all sentient creatures contain 'Buddha Seed', that well spring of potential fostering us toward divinity. Many practices can bring you toward this state, starting with being authentic and dealing with your unresolved issues, to mental discipline and study, to healing and overcoming hurdles, to yoga, transcendental meditation, shamanism, etc., the list goes on. You need to be careful though, and have your wits about you, as the path is like a razor and one can stray easily, especially when you receive gifts on the way that could be exploited. Put your doubt aside, put old religious tensions aside as none of this is based on strange people in robes, or ineffectual and poorly mistranslated dogma from stuffy old books. This is real faith and experiential divinity.




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  1. Nina
    Wow Ben, so many thoughts from this. Thank you for putting into writing so eloquently the ideas I have been struggling to apply to myself and my journey. I was grabbed by the "double casualty" theory. I have always believed that the future is already what it will be. Actually far from being fatalistic, it can actually be a comforting feeling. Bad or good these things are part of a journey that is not pre determined as such, but in an odd way, has already happened. Never quite able to fully articulate this feeling, I feel an affinity with the idea that the present influences the future, and in turn the future influences the present. An equilibrium of a sort maybe. So what I question is, as the past has such gravity on the present and future, could we in turn influence the past? Can I now take control where there was no control? But I think I'm beginning to understand through your thoughts about 'god' that, where I have always believed I had no power over my situation, in fact I was, and still am, powerful as part of a collective consciousness. My experience was a learning journey to understand and share. Perhaps by denying my experiences and influences I am cheating myself out of an opportunity for growth, and in turn rendering myself powerless. I cannot negate the forces of karma, merely internalise them and weather the storm of negativity within myself. That is a choice I made. I chose to exact such strict control over myself. I felt that in order to keep that control I had to fiercely keep my authenticity protected and hidden. I considered myself a single insular being, but where is my power if I have internalised my wisdom, my pain, my authentic self. I think the power is in letting go, not holding tight. As a child I felt powerless, but I was powerful. I had the power to experience, to see, to remember and to learn and grow. Maybe I actually did realise that power and influence on others simply by experiencing and being. Others may have seen through my eyes as I now empathise with others. Others' life experiences could have been altered through a sharing of consciousness with that child. I was powerless to act, but by definition in this theory, my power isn't just within my actions but in my being, growing, feeling and evolving. Now I have the power to act but probably more important I have to power to share and that is something I have been reticent to do. I have felt powerful but I have been cheating by misrepresenting myself. I have made the decision to render myself powerless. So, further to our discussion the other day, why was it so painful and frightening to meet myself as a child? Why couldn't I hold her gaze without having to look away? Just maybe, she is not as afraid as I am, maybe she's braver than me. Maybe instead of looking upon her with pain, regret and pity, I need to look harder, to admire her, listen to her and empathise. She has a lot to share and so much strength. I need to let her grow up and learn from her experiences instead of pushing her away as a regret, a shame. She was there, she sees through my eyes. SHe has shaped me and in turn our collective consciousness. Nina

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