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Providing cutting-edge mental health and wellness solutions, and exploring the final frontier of consciousness in the post-modern digital age.

Bruce Psychology aims to help you journey from illness, to health and then to personal enhancement, enrichment and evolution, where you may achieve your true potential and self-actualization to become who you really are beyond what is holding you back. This is based on tailoring interventions to match your level of psychological development. As an individual, your consciousness is a unique signature: a constellation of multiple developmental streams, comprising academic, literacy, numeracy, athletic, social, sexual, intuitive and more.

We need to put mental health into the context of this developmental constellation where we repair whatever problems have emerged along the way: psychological disorders can be seen as developmental in nature and occurring within a relational context within the world that we live in. This is the main reason why mental health is such a problem in the western world today: it is beyond medical, it is also based on historical, psychological, social, familial, community, environmental, artistic, spiritual and other personal factors that are often unaddressed.

The world is a complex machine which is rapidly accelerating in technological and socio-cultural change. We have never had such access to information, people, places, things, times and events as we do today through digital tools and social media. Just keeping up is hard enough.

Psychological disorder can result from getting lost in a fragmented and disintegrated world which interacts with our own developmental constellations. Health is achieved when we improve development and integrate growth and find ways to better manage the future-shock of a rapidly changing world. Bruce Psychology's main aim is to address this complexity through the art of connection.

The human mind needs to catch up to this technological world in a selective filtering process, and we need preparatory training to do so. We need meaningful description, explanation and application of the best the world has to offer. We need to connect and integrate ancient knowledge and traditional ways with the high technology of the contemporary age, rather than choose one or the other. This is how we can feel natural, at peace and at home whilst also being ready for change. People will thrive if tried and tested methods of consciousness exploration developed by ancient peoples are married with our scientific understanding and new technology. The current age may then bloom within a renaissance of renewed ethics and connection to what is meaningful and useful. This offers a point of departure from the current 'stuckness' that many people are faced with, from anxiety and depression, to trauma and complex personality disorders. As with all revolutions in human history we have needed to adapt to the situation with innovative solutions. Our current dilemma with the digital age is no different to that of the industrial revolution, where we had to change how we did things in order to live harmoniously. Exciting times are afoot, and whilst daunting are also a point of departure for adjustment, growth and renewal.

Bruce Psychology is a meaningful hub, a community to help people share and connect better with their deeper levels of consciousness as well as to others and to articulate their meaning of life, to develop their mental and physical potential and to live more fully in the Now. Our current paradigm and practice needs to suit the modern age and our personal growth needs to healthily represent this zeitgeist or else mental illness may result. The most important factor in any metaphysical exercise is the release of restrictive belief systems, boundaries and fears. This is how we enter into the main current of life, overcome threshold-level disease states and develop our capacities toward the cutting edge of human existence. We can literally grow out of pre-conceived limitations.

Firstly we need to start with connection, inner and outer, then health and mental health culminates in enhancement and evolution of consciousness potential. We need skilled helpers who walk the talk themselves. As personal growth and evolution is now a purposeful and individual enterprise, just how far you go is up to you. We need to get better at discerning truth and avoiding the pitfalls of manipulation, the mis-truths we tell ourselves and those we buy into from others. We need to take the best from what the external world has to offer and also to learn how to tune into the inner world: to listen to your higher, deeper self, to live with integrity of self, to grow out of preconceived limitations.

Bruce Psychology is a living dynamic to help you along this journey, to achieve health, to bypass out-dated disease-causing world-views and to move toward truth, health and mastery. In the words of the master: Man know thyself and the truth will set you free.



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Ben Bruce teams up with his faithful comrade RJ Olaithe and other contributors to model philosophical method and ternary discussion to facilitate truth and understanding. We courageously explore existence by utilizing integral wisdom traditions, gaining insight into the deeper nature of reality to challenge consensus consciousness and achieve interconnected human evolution potential.

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  • Ben Bruce has been working in the field for 15-years and has treated thousands of patients in diverse settings such as hospitals, community centres, medical centres, corporate settings, prisons, schools and refugee services...

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