Typical consultations provided through this website (psychotherapy and coaching etc.) go for 55-minutes. Shorter or longer sessions may also be booked at a pro-rata rate. Sessions are paid for in advance to ensure your booking utilising Pay-pal and credit card services.


Sessions are confidential between client and practitioner. This means that your privacy is assured. The only reason that confidentiality would ever be breached is if a significant safety concern arose such as a person's life being in danger where the practitioner may then need to alert authorities in order to protect the client or others. All session notes are kept in a secure location (external to any networked computer and/or in a locked secure filing cabinet). The only reason session notes would ever be shared is if they were to be subpoenaed by a relevant court of law/ Judge with appropriate power and jurisdiction (this is the case with all medical information/ records). No other party has the power to subpoena. If the client is a minor (under the age of 18yo) confidentiality is still maintained but if significant safety concerns arose the practitioner would work with the client to inform his/her parents as relevant, required and if safe to do so.

Cancellation and refund policy:

For pre-booked online consults 48-hrs notice of cancellation is required if a refund is sought, i.e. all sessions are paid for in advance (if using our online booking system). To reschedule a booked session please also give 48-hrs notice if possible and we will do our best to accommodate you. Similarly if the practitioner needs to reschedule he/she will give you all due notice wherever possible. With regard to product refunds please contact the webmaster if you have any concerns with products you have purchased through this website.


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