Don’t ask the Government

Don’t ask the Government

Don’t ask the Government.

Many people become overwhelmed and feel paralyzed and oppressed when they consider doing something new and different. We are often reduced to inaction and rendered powerless, such that our God-given ideas and inventions never manifest when our creativity is met with a sense of threat and danger and even ridicule. What if we stopped asking for permission and realized our true potential? What if we didn't need the Government - and co-created a passive version of how the patriots of the USA ousted British tyranny in the 18th Century? What if? The ridicule directed towards creativity and astute 'dangerous' thinking will often come from amongst your own discouraging peers not to mention the 'powers that be' (the proverbial casting of pearls before swine). I would bet that such discouragers are insecure themselves and should no longer have the benefit of you sharing your thoughts. People can really take the wind out of your sails if you discuss your inspired ideas with them and they have some kind of covert 'ripping down' agenda. Be careful who you talk to.

The anxiety that follows a creative idea is quite interesting to examine. Why is it so? Why do we often get anxious when we think of new ways of doing things that are simply better than the old ways?

One of the first questions asked when we have a new and 'dangerous' idea is “am I allowed to do that?” or “do I need to get council permission or planning approval first?” or even “am I infringing on someone else’s copyright by doing this?” Firstly if it is something natural there should be no copyright ownership upon it as it was always freely given and never meant to be owned by anyone or any company. In this light, many copyright ownerships were not derived by genius and creation by an individual (which of course would have justified the right for copyright ownership if it was) rather, it was stolen and dressed up to be an original idea/ invention, when in fact it already existed free to anyone before it was stolen! And what about hereditary title and nobility? This is a bit strange. How does a blood line procure the right for wealth and prestige when the person in that blood line contributes nothing, just sits pretty on a fat wad of pre-existing cash and even parasitizes on the work of the plebs who actually do any work (laborious, intellectual and creative)? Is this a communism manifesto? Of course not, it's just common sense. Notice how people will rip down your ideas and questions by using archaic, dismissive jargon labels like this. They use the old 'fallacy by naming' acting as if they understand you and thereby control you by calling you a label, like 'radical, rebel, anarchist, terrorist, communist, polemical and even conspiracy theorist'. Honestly - get a real argument. Focus on the substance of what is being said and address it without recourse to ruse and deceptive manipulation.

I have come to realize that the reality of Government is that it is vastly removed from the common folk and does not really represent us. Think about it – is the Government doing what you think is right? Have you even been convinced (brainwashed) into thinking a bad idea was a good one post hoc through some kind of bullshit propaganda? For example, is invading a country and killing 1million people a good idea? Honestly – review your impressions! Because they may well have been someone else’s ideas introjected into the thinking that would otherwise have take place within your own mind. The most useful tool to get an individual to abandon his/her reason is to put the person into a state of fear so that adrenalin knocks out the pre-frontal lobe of the brain, to bombard them with 24-hr controlled and corrupted news, and entice them to join the ‘mob rule’ of consensus opinion for fear of standing out and being different and being unpatriotic and even crazy. God forbid one was to be different! What sacrilege!

One could even be branded a terrorist. Does this at all sound familiar? This branding of being a terrorist for disagreeing with the Government is now a reality in the ‘good old U S of A’. One can be detained indefinitely and without trial for just being suspected of being a terrorist. One can even be shot and killed by presidential order without just cause – just a signature. Ha! So much for ‘the land of the free and the home of the brave’. More like the land of the deceived and the home of the betrayed.

Honestly, the oldest trick in the book does stand to be the most tried and tested and works like a charm every time.

When democracy was first invented by the ancient Greeks, they didn’t have high tech transportation, and people were too busy in all corners of the country farming and working and having fun to constantly go in to Athens to have a plebiscite and vote on ongoing issues. As a result someone had the bright idea to have representative democracy so that you could send a person from each village to the main capital who would represent your issues and needs. Hello! We now have high tech transportation, and in fact we no longer even need to physically rock up because we have telecommunications and the internet to cast our vote upon an issue.

The only reason they (the Government and institutions) have power over us is because we believe that they are in power and act accordingly, submitting to their authority. As stated above, the Government is utterly redundant!

Do you remember John Lennon’s question: ‘what if they had a war and nobody showed up?’

The reality is, folks, no one has any power over you. They only have power if you believe that they do and act accordingly.

When you want to do something new, and you ask ‘is this allowed?’, unless you are hurting yourself or someone or something else, then you are entirely within your right to do it.

There is a village in England (near Yorkshire) where two ladies: Mary Clear and Pam Wallace have taken on a wonderful task (*thanks to Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall for alerting me to this in his excellent small-holding series 'River Cottage'). They have decided to make their sizable village completely self sufficient in food and veg within ten years. They have gotten rid of most of the ornamental plants within the village and replaced them with edible plants free for anyone to eat (recently I was so impressed to see that my own local council had allowed the contractor environmental management company to plant olive trees on the highway median strips - not only are they a nature strip and greening buffer - they are also going to produce edible and useful olive oil!).

So back to Mary and Pam. How are they doing this?

Are they spending millions of dollars on agricultural land and endeavouring to compete with the EU’s cheaper imports based on ‘free trade’ cessation of tariffs? That is, if you want to get a cucumber to make ‘tzatsiki’ or something, rather than growing your own or going to the local farmer’s market and buying a locally grown cucumber, you aren’t allowed to do this, as the country has a deal with Portugal, in which case you can only buy slightly old, stale, cucumbers that have travelled a thousand miles and caused no end of pollution for the excessive transport, etc. etc.

Rather, if Mary or Pam saw a plot of land anywhere in the village, they would go to it in their free time and plant something. They would plant all manner of fruit and vegetables. Soon enough they recruited others (who probably wanted some good old fashioned diet and exercise and sunshine to battle the bulge). The whole community started to join in! Children were talking about how fat and bored they’d been sitting and lazing in front of their TVs trying to tune out the drone of their parent’s incessant arguing in the background. These ladies even found old graves in the cemetery that were over 100 years old and grew runner beans there! Apparently these grew very well. And no bereaved widow felt offended, because by this stage she or he would have been long gone as well! How ingenious.

They even utilized road verges, and patches of land beside public amenities like bus stops, schools and shopping centers. The list goes on. Before you knew it, anyone could go for a stroll with basket in hand and return home with plenty to cook up for that night’s supper. And all this was completely free!

And they never asked for permission from the local council. They never put in a petition or tried to make a profit. Making money from a scheme is all fine and dandy but it can destroy the simplicity around doing it and brings in all manner of interested parties who want their cut. This was all bypassed by simply ignoring the banks and the Government – if there was no money and no paperwork involved, and of course no body and no thing was being harmed or destroyed, in fact the village became beatified with the bosom of nature, lovely aromatic herbs and gorgeously colourful produce. Of course some old fusspot could have reported them for growing food on public land (God forbid!). But what would the magistrate do? Charge them for growing raspberries on public land and sentence them to community service on the local community garden plot and weeding the local roadside verges?! Sounds like a personal trainer to me – making you do something you already intended on doing anyway!

Conversely – our current majority system: wasted land, and land that one can only use if purchased for a premium, clear felled, sterilized, homogenized, pasteurized, fertilized, pesticide…. Honestly – can’t we think of a better way? There are companies out there, in cahoots with Government as politicians can be bought through funding lobby groups and marketing strategies for re-election, like Monsanto, who have tried for years to produce and market ‘suicide seed’. Their aim is to produce agricultural seed that is genetically modified and patented by their own company so no one else can use the seed without purchasing it from their company. The seed propagates into produce, does not re-seed, then suicides so that more seed must be bought to cultivate again at an ever-increasing premium price due to increasing scarcity under monopoly and genetic modification. Not only this, but the seeds send out spores in any kind of wind which take over and thus effectively sterilize neighbouring farms so that no other seed can be utilized except Monsanto seed. Honestly – these companies are really that psychopathically sick!

And what are we doing – besides being idle bystanders in our impending destruction as a free, healthy and happy people?

Don’t ask for permission any more. So long as you are not harming anyone or anything, just go for it.

What are ‘they’ going to do?

Don’t show up to their stupid wars (‘they’ being the establishment), and don’t ask for their stupid narrow-minded corrupt and short-sighted advice or approval on anything you want to do.

If you want to plant a cucumber patch or a raspberry cane, or start a business and make something new – just do it. What a wonderful and beautiful passive protest. Remember – all it takes for evil to flourish is for good men and women to do nothing. How could any supermarket monopoly or oligarchy rip you off then? You wouldn’t need them anymore – you wouldn’t so much as look at them or give them the time of day. If you want solutions don’t ask a corrupt government or institution or company to do it for you, as all the options will then, in turn, be corrupt. Come up with it yourself or within your own friendship, family or community interest groups. For example – if you are worried about the price of food, or of anything, just barter instead. Get 10 people together – produce, hunt, cultivate 10 different things then each give each other a little bit of what you have so that you all have 10 different things after doing very little work in a field that you are good at, know about, and enjoy doing. Capitalize on your community, not your complicity with a corrupt institution. Whether this be food supply, clean water, free energy production, education. Why go through the perceived ‘authorities’ (in reality, tyrannical bullies) if they do a poor job at doing it, monopolise it, and rip you off with a premium price for a sub-standard product that makes you sick and stupid in the process?

You are the solution – not some corrupt Government or brain-washed scientist or greedy company or bank. We have to work together to bypass the bastards.

So don’t ask your Government. Find the solutions within yourself and amongst your friends and allies. And always – have fun doing it!




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  1. Lovely thinking. We should go visit that village. RB

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