Welcome to Bruce Psychology

Welcome to Bruce Psychology

An integrative and holistic site exploring the depths of psychology and existence, community and the environment.

Being a psychologist I am in a very fortunate and interesting position. I get to exist and to develop in life, and I also get to work in this field helping other people and organizations exist and develop in accordance with who they truly are.

I notice that people come across stumbling blocks in the course of their development which gets them waylaid with problems. This is often due to normal pitfalls in the path of growth based on misunderstanding, where we need to grow in our understanding and capacity in order to get through it. Thus we see the paradox of life: growth comes from suffering, and happiness comes from overcoming suffering through growth; pain, suffering, happiness and growth are all intimately related.

People get stuck, and this is where they may need help to move on. In the old days priests and/ or village shaman, elders, chiefs and aldermen would perform this service. In modern society this role is being picked up by specialists in the field of the mind and body, society and the eco-system; people who are trained to be skilled helpers to help a person navigate their way through these stumbling blocks and move on.

Overcoming barriers to wellness and helping you fulfill your potential is something that a psychologist can help you to do. It makes for interesting, nay, fascinating work. This site is dedicated to be a companion to my work and also to serve as an interface for the community and psychology. This is a place for ideas to be explored and developed. It is also a site where my clients can view further material for their cause. I'll also utilise its space to explore human potential, the mind and consciousness, health and disorder, community, society, the eco-system, the nature of power, relationships, development, human fulfillment and creativity.

Ben Bruce.


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  1. Everything dynamic and very positively! :) Thanks AlexAxe
  2. Adam
    It's great to finally hear from a down to earth psychologist who knows what he is talking about and isn't afraid to show it. I like the way Ben doesn't pigeon hole himself in one method of therapy like a lot of psychs do - he takes the best from many worlds in order to help people from all kinds of backgrounds and experience levels. Who ever thought that one size fits all?!! It's important to make psychology reachable to the common person, so this is all really helpful. I heard recently that the world and social systems are changing so fast that we need to see psychologists more often. I was experiencing pretty bad depression. I went to see Ben and it helped a lot. Please finish some of the articles posted as some of them just have their titles listed. Thanks and Best regards.

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