Greek Philosophy

Greek Philosophy

This is an audio recording of myself talking about Ancient Greek philosophy, and hopefully you'll enjoy it. (Remember kids: learning can be fun!)



Greek philosophy has been the cornerstone of the modern world for thousands of years. Our entire Western system of living has come out of Ancient Greece, whether it be the hippocratic oath and medicine, the empirial scientific method, logic and debating, the idea of government utilising democracy and elected representatives.....all the way to olive oil and bacchean wine festivals of fertility - however you look at it the Greeks were pretty spectacular in their machinations, their originality and inventiveness. We ought to know about how the world came to be the way it is, for all its good points and bad. Understanding this helps us to appreciate what we have in its fullness of integrity, but also more importantly to QUESTION that which we assume, what we think we know, and how we have apparently 'always' done things. Go forth and be your own scholar and philosopher. Don't leave it up to the dusty old grey beards to tell you what is true and what isn't. Use your mind, it works pretty well afterall and it gets easier over time as your brain grows into the task. You'll also become happier as we get endorphins released when we think, wonder and solve puzzles.

This is Ben Bruce speaking on Greek philosophy.

Reference: drawing upon the work of Jostein Gaarder, Bertrand Russel, Socrates, Plato's Republic and Heideger.


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