On-Line Counselling

On-Line Counselling

Why not consult with an expert on-line? Utilizing services like Skype you can have a consultation at a convenient time and place that suits you. All you need is a computer or smartphone. All sessions are confidential and with a trained professional.

Psychotherapy sessions are currently available with Ben Bruce.

Psychotherapy and counselling stem from ancient healing practices known to all cultures throughout time. Professional psychology is the current form of this tradition and has come to be widely accepted in the modern world as a useful practice utilizing evidence-based methods tailored to the individual. Life is all about challenges - sometimes herculean in magnitude, and we need to get our heads around interesting times and difficult things.

We can do this work on our own with meditation and contemplation, and sometimes our friends can help, but with certain problems we can end up getting a little bit stuck and for various reasons we may not wish or be able to talk to those in our intimate circles. Our information and perspective can be cloudy; we can get stuck in pitfalls of biased thinking, circular rumination and stagnant emotions. Sometimes energy just won't shift and solutions are not apparent. We can feel lost. This is why we need therapy. It has always been around in human civilisation, just called by different names: the elder, the alderman, the shaman, the witch, the seer, the cleric, the priest. Now in contemporary society we call these people psychologists, counsellors and psychotherapists (a rose by any other name...)

People are increasingly becoming aware of the usefulness of therapy to overcome obstacles and find solutions in their lives. In therapy you are able to express your true self in a confidential setting, with support and guidance. You can be truly met for the first time, or the first in a long time.

In therapy you are able to change the way that you think in order to get your head around difficult things, and to change your behaviour to grow into a better and more functional life. We can explore deeper aspects of self to find a meaningful life path, reduce suffering and confusion and to enhance happiness, self esteem and connection.

Psychotherapy dovetails with medicine: medication seeks to change symptoms by directly influencing the way the body operates, but we are more than just a bag of chemicals and there may be side-effects. Naturopathic medicine can also yield excellent results. For long-lasting change a psychologist can help: it is far better to address personal and lifestyle issues along with medical and/or naturopathic intervention because the body and brain change based on what we do with it: information, understanding and behaviour. You are your own best instrument for change.

Psychotherapy utilizes empathic listening and supported guidance with specific methods and strategies to increase awareness, clarity and understanding of your particular life situation. This brings about changes in thought, belief, attitude and behaviour as well as resolution of unresolved issues in the past, unearthing the unconscious mind and deeper aspects of the soul. Consequently this triggers neuro-plasticity: the brain and the body actually change as a result of psychotherapy and people experience spontaneous healing. This all needs to be done in a way that best suits the individual, where the practitioner and client speak the same language and then travel from there as a point of departure.

There is something special, unique and powerful about consulting with a trained professional to engage in a meaningful and focused dialogue as the Therapeutic Process is evoked.

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