Seminars @ The Psycho-versity

Seminars @ The Psycho-versity

Seminars and workshops on psychology, health, mindfulness, neuroplasticity and other exciting topics.

Online workshops: Coming soon - a variety of topics are covered in the workshop stable. Professionally presented by Ben and other practitioners you are able to inexpensively educate yourself, overcome problems and enhance performance at your own pace. Knowledge is power. Topics such as anger management, tackling anxiety and depression, conflict resolution, relationship skills, mindfulness meditation, wilderness shamanic practices and connecting to your higher self are some of the topics included. This online Psycho-versity is a resource for learning and personal growth. Live Support is provided for all workshop participants.
Face to face workshops are also available. Ben has recently conducted a seminar on Neuroplasticity primer for rehabilitation of brain-based disorders and injuries. This has been utilsed to help carers and therapists work with their clients. He has also delivered a 6-week program on mindfulness and sensual awareness (‘SAMA’) for people wishing to increase their sense of being truly alive and happy. Meeting in a group for 2-hours each week this structured course can be flexibly delivered. The focus is waking up, reconnecting with grounded and centered awareness and stimulating the subtle senses, attuning to what is being physically and sensually experienced and getting out of the thought entrapment of the head and the various dramas we obsess about in life (rumination and depressive or anxiety provoking obsession). This will also be provided as an online course (coming soon). Contact Ben if you would like more information and/or delivery of a seminar/ workshop for your staff or clientele. These seminars and workshops can be tailored based on your needs. The difference from other platforms: Ben Bruce’s seminars are cutting-edge and creative, cultivating a stimulating and motivating learning environment which is relevant, real, fun and interactive.

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