The weather with you: the truth behind climate change and carbon tax

The weather with you: the truth behind climate change and carbon tax

The following essay was written by P. Histed who is a chemical engineer and biologist from Canada. She currently works as a high school teacher teaching physics, chemistry and maths. As I know her personally I asked her to write about the truth behind climate change, CO2, and carbon tax. I am astounded that the truth behind this carbon tax mess has not been made clear to the people. There is so much bloody obfuscation and we are being patronised and misled, treated as fools. Thankfully this writer makes a very clear alternative viewpoint on what is really going on here and as the climate tax has just been passed by the Australian Senate, I think WE ALL NEED TO TAKE THIS VERY SERIOUSLY. Send this to anyone you know who may have a shred of interest as we all need to get more vocal, ask questions and educate ourselves -  and try to sort this out at the 11th hour (or is it now technically the 13th hour?) - BB.

Letter to the Editor,

This letter is to inform the Australian people on the carbon tax Ponzi scheme, and just how damaging the Carbon Tax will be to Australia, and also what can be done about it.  I have two university degrees in science; an Honours Degree in Biology and a Chemical Engineering Degree.  This gives me an informed point of view.  It is clear that the people behind this carbon tax monstrosity are relying on Australian citizens remaining largely uninformed about the issues, in order to bleed the country and its people dry.

First a crucial history lesson: the idea for a Carbon Tax was hatched by Al Gore and an Enron executive (Kevin Howard, who was charged with fraud).  Do you want to buy into something that a master of fraud devised?  This is what has most people in America up in arms, and why the carbon tax failed to be accepted there.  It is NOT carbon dioxide (plant food) that is affecting our global temperatures.  Global Warming is a MYTH…and this is why that title was dropped in favour of Climate Change.

Climate Change fear, as it has been presented to people for decades, is largely based on bad science, lies, and statistical manipulation. The so-called scientific ‘experts’ that pro-carbon tax politicians and lobby groups have wheeled out to trump up in-credible spin on this issue, are blatantly lying about the data and are ignoring basic core truths about physics and chemistry. Let me tell you how the climate really works:

The Earth’s climate is always changing, and it has done so for billions of years.  Change is a constant factor. The fact is that our climate is primarily driven by solar activity, particularly by Solar and Cosmic rays. The sun goes through hot and cold cycles regularly.  There are short 11-year cycles as well as longer cycles that last a few hundred years.  We reached a peak of one of these longer solar cycles in the late 90s and scientists are predicting that we are heading for a cooling period called a Maunder Minimum.  I have had rabid (uninformed) environmentalists throw a fit when I mention that the sun strongly affects our global temperature.  The one statement I know that calms them down enough to look at the actual data is, "If the sun has no effect on the Earth’s climate, then why does it get cooler outside at night?"  The sun is our primary energy source. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise! Remember that when you are dealing with certain environmentalists, such as many of those in the Greens Party, you cannot have proper debate and dialogue: they are obsessed with their dogma and will do anything to realize their obsession. What started out as decent and ethical principles of caring for a sustainable environment and protecting wilderness has turned into corruption, tyranny and deception. This is similar to the antics of the Nazi party in Germany in the 1930’s: they would stop at nothing to realize their vision; who cares about a bit of propaganda and a few lies if it gets the job done, right?

Regardless of strong scientific data on the effects of Solar and Cosmic rays on our climate, this information is NOT factored into climate change computer models. If this data were properly factored into these models, they would show that our climate is as stable as it has ever been in the recorded history of our planet.

Cosmic Rays generate high-level cloud cover in the Earth’s atmosphere. This cools the planet considerably. When our sun is active, it produces Solar Rays, which block Cosmic Rays. So when our sun is very active, as it has been recently, Cosmic Rays are blocked and our planet warms.

According to NASA, the rate at which the Earth has warmed recently has been mirrored by ALL the other planets in our Solar System. What does that tell you?  All the planets have warmed at the same rate, and they will all cool at the same rate when our sun is less active. But the Earth’s recent minor climate fluctuation has been blamed on manmade sources, in order to trick people into feeling guilty. . .guilty enough to accept the biggest scam in history: Carbon Tax.

Make no mistake here: the chief cause of the planet’s change in climate is not caused by carbon dioxide which human activity is producing. Any fluctuations in climate are natural and cyclical and caused chiefly by THE SUN. Taxing our use of carbon will have no effect on climate change whatsoever. Additionally, the revenue raised from this scam will be used for nefarious purposes.

Leading scientists heading the Global Warming scam have been discredited by Wikileaks for falsifying the data they used to make their doom and gloom predictions. So-called ‘research’ data has been destroyed, scientists suspended, and charges of science fraud may eventuate. Yet pro-carbon tax advocates are relying on media spin, equivocation, and that weird thing that happens when you repeat the same nonsense over and over again until people start to believe it, or at least overlook its fundamental principles. The lie becomes ‘common knowledge’. Think about the common knowledge of the past where ‘everyone knew’ the Earth was flat and that people died of the plague because they were born sinners.

How much effect does carbon dioxide have on climate?  Well if you lived on Venus, carbon dioxide has a large effect.  Venus has 300 times more carbon dioxide than the Earth.  The small increase in carbon dioxide we have experienced since the industrial revolution is INSIGNIFICANT.  This can easily be demonstrated by a simple experiment:  Take two aquariums and two hot lamps.  Have normal air in one aquarium and shine a hot lamp on it, and then measure the temperature.  In the second aquarium dissolve an antacid tablet to release carbon dioxide.  You will find that you need to raise the carbon dioxide levels by 1000% or 10 times to see any affect whatsoever on temperature.

If you increase carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere, scientific tests have shown, plants increase in size and yield accordingly. If you double carbon dioxide, plants grow to double their normal size and yield. If this happened, food shortages would be a thing of the past, because carbon dioxide is PLANT FOOD.

We have been programmed to feel guilty about our environment for decades and this has been used to control us. But remember that science has solved all of our environmental problems many times over.  As an engineer I am well aware of what happens when new inventions are patented.  Did you know that the oil industry has purchased the patent rights and suppressed the release of solar panels that are many times more efficient than currently available versions?  This tactic is a common practice to protect the profits of big industry. Did you know that there is now a commercially made car in Japan that runs on water?  If governments really cared about our environment, and wanted to make the air around cities cleaner, they would not suppress new technologies, but would ensure they were made available. The government’s failure to do this indicates it does not really care about so called ‘climate change’; they are just doing it for the money.

Watch the film “Who Killed The Electric Car?” This says it all and demonstrates the corruption and power of the automobile and oil industries.

The bottom line here is that the Carbon Tax is a huge scam to steal billions of tax payer’s money, which will be sent to overseas banks to buy carbon credits.  Carbon credits will be bought and sold on an international market.  This is a gigantic Ponzi Scheme, invented by Al Gore and Kevin Howard of Enron. The money will be fed into global banks to pay off their bad debts.  Barnaby Joyce (National Country Party) states in his newsletter, that $58 billion AUD will be collected from Australians and sent overseas EACH YEAR!  We know how desperate the big banks are for money, in our current state of global economic disaster.

Are we willing to impoverish our nation, destroy our agricultural industry, slow our mining industry to a crawl, and tax ourselves to death for foreign banks?  Are you angry enough yet to stand up for your rights?

Many Australians already know this is a toxic bill, but what they do not seem to know is what to do about it.  This has been imposed on us by a prime minister who got into power by lying.  Julia Gillard promised NOT to allow a carbon tax in Australia. Then she reversed her position and pushed hard until she got the carbon tax through parliament, with the majority of Australians against the new tax. So the question is, who is she really working for? Is she working for We the People, or is she working for someone else?

I would like to present a way out of this mess.  The Carbon Tax will take some time to be fully set up.  Much of it is in place, but implementing this monster will take time.  That is precious time we can use.  We have an election coming up in 2012.  This is your moment of power.  Did you know that in Canada during the 1993 elections, the Progressive Conservative Party was voted out of existence?  It went from a majority of 153 seats down to 2 seats, a loss of 151 seats.  It was no longer even considered an official party.  They were punished by the voters for their crimes against the people.  In order to accomplish this, you must NOT vote for the Green or Labour parties at the next election. This is the only way to stop this insidious new tax which is based on lies.

If you do not like the Liberal Party, then look at alternatives such as the National Country Party, which is vehemently opposed to the carbon tax, or vote for independents with the same sentiments.  In general, as the government in this country has drifted further and further away from the true hearts and minds of the majority of the people and is now blatantly acting against our best interests, there needs to be a clear signal and a crushing one sent out, so that our government will never, ever do this to the Australian people again.  The politicians are now very, very careful in Canada.  They know what can happen when informed voters take their power back at the polling booth.

I am asking all Australians to get informed and take their power back.  Vote any pro-carbon tax party out of existence!  Tell everyone you know how to take their power back.  Also if we can push for a no-confidence vote and speed up this election it will help and make it much less messy to disentangle us from this unholy mess. We do not have much time. We must take this seriously NOW or we will live to regret it, in a very expensive world, which is against industry, against jobs, against people and against the truth and the core principles of science, justice and representative government of We The People.


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    G'day Ben , My name is Jeremy, I'm a big fan of your fathers work, and it was through his site i came here. I'm glad i did. I'll be sharing this with everyone i can. Brilliant reading. All the best.
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